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New Orleans Crawfish Season Looking Good

New Orleans Crawfish Season Looking Good Crawfish Season New Orleans Here in New orleans, we are having a great crawfish season so far. Although many people were skeptical about the size and quantity of the crawfish in 2017, the harvest has been better than expected. Even with the floods towards the end of last year,…
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How much are Crawfish? Current Crawfish Prices 2017

How much are Crawfish? When will crawfish prices get cheaper? Three weeks in a row, the price of boiled crawfish held steady. How much are Crawfish? The average price for boiled crawfish in New Orleans is still about $4.49 per pound. [caption id="attachment_3674" align="aligncenter" width="479"] How much are Crawfish 2017[/caption] Even though the price of…
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New Orleans Crawfish Map

New Orleans Crawfish Map Mardi Gras is now over and Lent is upon us in southeast Louisiana. Today is the first friday of Lent. If you are Catholic don't forget to stay meat free. This year, Lent ends on April 13th 2017. The beginning of lent means that many people will observe fish Fridays in…
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