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Plastic Crawfish Trays – The Right Tools for Your Next Boil

Plastic Crawfish Trays So you are planning your first Crawfish Boil of the season. And you want to make sure that you have everything to make this event perfect. I am sure that you have thought of almost everything that you need. The Crawfish, pot, burner, veggies, and spices. How many pounds of crawfish per…
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Crawfish Gumbo – Okra & Andouille

Crawfish Gumbo Recipe Ahhh, Crawfish Gumbo, the official State Soup of Louisiana; known for transforming scraps and leftovers to near rock star status for hundreds of years. Gumbo is not a science. It is a creative expression, a form of art, differing from one person and place to another. There is no right or wrong,…
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How to make your own crawfish boil

How to make your own crawfish boil Making your own crawfish boil, how much better can it get? Being from New Orleans, I am very picky about my crawfish. But I have tasted some really bad crawfish, in the past. The biggest mistake that any first time crawfish boiler can make, is not purging the…
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