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Louisiana Award Winning Cajun Crawfish Salad Recipe

Cajun Crawfish Salad This Crawfish Salad Recipe has been passed down for generations in South Louisiana. It has also won many awards at cooking contests across the south. We are sharing it with you, but let's keep it our little secret. This Crawfish Salad is just too good to tell your friends. Similar to Tuna…
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Cajun Crawfish Salad – The Best Crawfish Pasta Salad Recipe

Crawfish Salad Cold or warm Cajun Crawfish Salad, a full flavored mixture of pasta, veggies and spicy crawfish. Great for a Sunday dinner, family gatherings, and spring picnics. Another of our favorite crawfish tail recipes that uses crawfish tail meat or leftover peeled tails from a crawfish boil. This dish also makes a great side…
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