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How much are Crawfish? Current Crawfish Prices 2017

How much are Crawfish? When will crawfish prices get cheaper? Three weeks in a row, the price of boiled crawfish held steady. How much are Crawfish? The average price for boiled crawfish in New Orleans is still about $4.49 per pound. [caption id="attachment_3674" align="aligncenter" width="479"] How much are Crawfish 2017[/caption] Even though the price of…
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2017 Crawfish Prices – How much are Crawfish?

2017 Crawfish Prices Have you been paying attention to 2017 Crawfish Prices? Have you been holding out until the prices drop for boiled crawfish or live crawfish? What's the cost of crawfish this year? The average price for boiled crawfish in New Orleans drops 5 cents this week. But that still puts the going price…
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Live Crawfish Prices December 2016

Live Crawfish Prices in 2016 It's still too soon to tell if the 2017 crawfish season will be a good one. Live Crawfish have been available for sale since late November. But the Live Crawfish Prices are currently pretty high. For several weeks, New Orleans seafood markets and restaurants have been serving crawfish to hungry…
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