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Crawfish & Tasso Jambalaya

Crawfish & Tasso Jambalaya Jambalaya, like gumbo is another one of those classic, one-pot Louisiana meals heavily influenced by the Creoles and Cajuns. Its closest relative is the saffron scented and tinted paella found in Spanish cuisine. Because saffron wasn't exactly available on this side of the Atlantic, substitutions were made. Never yellow, the Creoles…
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Crawfish Jambalaya Recipe

Crawfish Jambalaya It doesn't matter what you call it, whether you think it is Crayfish Jambalaya, Crawfish Jumbalaya, Crawfish Jumbolaya, or  Crawfish Jumbaliya. The bottom line is that Crawfish Jambalaya is one of the best Cajun dishes around. Here is another great recipe to use when you have a few extra pounds of crawfish left…
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