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Order Live Crawfish – Crawdads – Crayfish

Crawfish season has begun. It's time to order live Crawfish once again. The Louisiana crawfish or crawdads as some people refer to them, are finally coming out of the mud. For the past few days we have been seeing a little more size in the LA Crawfish near me. The crawdads are getting bigger each…
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Live Crawfish for the Superbowl

Do you need live Crawfish for the Superbowl? [caption id="attachment_3920" align="aligncenter" width="420"] Live Crawfish for the Superbowl[/caption] Here in South Louisiana, we've had a colder than normal winter. The live crawfish, have suffered just as much as the people. Although the low temperatures have slowed down the season, we did manage to find some crawfish…
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Lagniappe Ingredients in your Crawfish Boil

Crawfish Boil Ingredients Lagniappe ingredients equal flavor! Cajun cuisine is described as rustic and resourceful. The methods used in today's crawfish boils clearly reflect the style of cooking during the pioneering days of southwest Louisiana. Large, one-pot dishes were prepared to feed the many family members and friends, locally available staple ingredients helped stretch the meal…
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