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How to Boil Crawfish

How to Boil Crawfish Customers frequently ask us for tips on boiling crawfish, so we've written a handy guide to teach you How to Boil Crawfish the right way every time. Before you get started, make sure you have all your essential equipment for the boil. What You'll Need A large stockpot with basket strainer,…
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How to Eat Crawfish like a Cajun

How to Eat Crawfish It's Crawfish Season once again, and the prices are dropping, as they normally do at this time of year. This guide will not only assist you in learning how to eat crawfish, but how to do it as fast as the local LA Crawfish connoisseurs. How to Eat Crawfish - How to…
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60 quart crawfish pot not offered on Crawfish.com?

Does Crawfish.com sell a 60 Quart Crawfish Pot? A visitor to Crawfish.com recently sent in a question that was about crawfish pots. The question was "Why does Crawfish.com not offer a 60 quart crawfish pot?". The answer is simple, but may need a little explanation. A crawfish boiling pot can hold 2 quarts of water per…
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