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Crawfish Table
Cajun Crawfish TablePeel N Toss Cajun Crawfish Table


Cajun Crawfish Table

It is important to have the right tools on hand when preparing, boiling, and eating crawfish in the backyard. Especially so when you are hosting a crawfish boil, and inviting friends to your home. Other than having the right sized pot, the correct amount of crawfish, and the right burner. Having a Crawfish Table is a must for any crawfish boil. Crawfish tables just make the experience so much better, for you and your guests. Sometimes referred to as crawfish trash can table, crawfish eating tables, or crawfish table tops.

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How to build a crawfish table

If you do not have the time or want to put in the effort to creating your own diy crawfish table, this is your best choice. Welcome to crawfish table academy. Plastic crawfish tables are a great addition to any boil. As inexpensive as these plastic crawfish tables are priced, they are made very well. There is no need for an aluminum crawfish table.

The Peel N Toss Cajun Crawfish Table is made to be either supported on PVC legs (not included, but instructions are included to build your own legs), or attached to a trash can or barrel via the built-in bungee system. The bungee's attach to a barrel or trash can in the center of the table so that you can easily discard crawfish shells and trash. This crawfish boil table is sturdy and stable, but I wouldn't recommend any table danceson your crawfish eating table.

Crawfish Table Top Dimensions

The table comfortably seats 4 if sitting. Standing, you can easily get 6-8 people around the table. Drink, Condiment, & Paper Towel Holders are included.

  • 44.5" x 44.5"
  • Made with 3/16" Thermomolded ABS plastic
  • Fits any size garbage can
  • Cajun made in the USA

*Due to size, an additional shipping fee has been added for oversized items.

Crawfish tables - The Peel N Toss Cajun Crawfish Table isn't just a normal table, this great table was well thought out. What more could you need when eating crawfish? Set your cold beer in the drink holder. Dip your crawfish and crackers in the bowl of mayo and ketchup sitting in the condiment holder. Wipe your hands clean with the paper towels from the holder. And discard your crawfish shells straight into the garbage can in the center of the table. It doesn't get much better than this. Saves time with easy cleanup. No need to use old newspapers. Allows your guests to have an organized experience at the table.

A crawfish table design with a built-in area for a trash can offers additional convenience, as you can toss unwanted materials and trash away from your eating surface.

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 48 x 10 in


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    I have been looking for a crawfish table forever. Finally!! Thanks so much.

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    I saw one of these at a crawfish boil in Lafayette. I have been looking for one and couldn’t find them anywhere. Looking forward to getting this for crawfish season.

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    Does this tables come with legs?

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