35″ Wooden Crawfish Paddle

Cajun Stir Paddle


35″ Wooden Cajun Stir Paddle

This wooden Cajun Stir Paddle makes a perfect crawfish paddle for any large crawfish pot. It is ideal for boiling crawfish or cooking up a giant batch of jambalaya. Use this wooden stir paddle to stir the contents of your pot. Because it is solid wood, and sturdy, it can also be used as a shelf to rest your crawfish basket on, when draining your cooked crawfish. Place the paddle across the middle of the top of the pot, while someone else lifts the basket.

  • 35″ Long x 3″ Wide
  • Wooden

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Choosing the right Crawfish Paddle

If you are familiar with boiling crawfish, you know that you need a crawfish boil paddle. Whether you choose to use a wooden crawfish paddle, or aluminum crawfish paddle, is all on preference. Both do the same job, the only difference is cleaning after the boil. Large wooden stirring paddles are cheaper than a stainless steel paddle. A wooden stir paddle costs $10 less than an aluminum or stainless crawfish stir paddle.

Whichever crawfish paddle you decide to buy, be sure to clean them thoroughly after each use to remove the salt. This practice will keep your boil paddle around for years to come.

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    Do you also have the stainless steel crawfish paddles?

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    Is a wooden paddle or a stainless steel spoon better to use?

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    Do you make these paddles in stainless steel?

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