Bayou Classic Home Brew Starter Kit

Bayou Classic Home Brew Starter Kit


30 Qt, High Pressure Burner, Thermometer, and Paddle, Stainless

The Bayou Classic Home Brew Starter Kit comes with all the equipment you need to start brewing your own beer (brew pot, burner, thermometer, and paddle). The kit includes a 30 Qt. stainless steel stockpot with gallon and quart calibration lines and domed lid; a 12" tall stainless steel burner stand with high pressure burner, adjustable regulator, and a  48" stainless braided hose; a  12" stainless steel brew thermometer; and a 18" stainless steel brew paddle.

  • 30- Qt. Stainless Stockpot with Gallon/Quart Calibration Lines
  • Domed Lid
  • 12" Tall Stainless Cooker Frame
  • High Pressure Burner
  • Adjustable Regulator
  • 48" Stainless Braided Hose
  • 14" Diameter Cooking Surface
  • 12" Stainless Brew Thermometer
  • 18" Stainless Brew Paddle
Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 19 in


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