Bayou Classic 16 inch Banjo Burner

Bayou Classic 16 inch banjo burner


16″ Banjo Style Burner

Product Description

Bayou Classic 16 inch Banjo Burner

The Bayou Classic 16 inch Banjo Burner  has a large 16" large cooking surface capable of supporting up to a 100 quart stock pot. The flame distribution achieved with the banjo style burner makes this guy equally well suited to brewing up a large batch of beer, boiling crawfish, or simmering a small pan of BBQ shrimp.  The burner features a 12.5" tall welded steel frame, 10" Banjo Style Cast Iron Burner, and  360˚ of windscreen protection. It comes with a 48" LPG stainless braided hose with hose guard and a 0-30 PSI adjustable regulator.

  • 10" Banjo Style Cast Iron Burner
  • 16" Large Cooking Surface
  • 12.5" Tall Welded Steel Frame
  •  48" LPG Stainless Braided Hose
  • 0-30 PSI Adjustable Regulator
  • 360˚ Windscreen Protection

Additional Information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 19 x 14 in


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