New Orleans Crawfish Season Looking Good

New Orleans Crawfish Season Looking Good

Crawfish Season New Orleans

Here in New orleans, we are having a great crawfish season so far. Although many people were skeptical about the size and quantity of the crawfish in 2017, the harvest has been better than expected. Even with the floods towards the end of last year, the crawfish seem to have survived and thrived through it all. The New Orleans Crawfish Season is now in full swing, and you should be able to find large mudbugs at a great price.

Free Crawfish

We've even seen a rise in free crawfish at bars in the New Orleans area. While it’s not every bar, like back in the day, It's always nice to get Free Crawfish. Please let us know in the comment section when you find a bar that offers free crawfish in New Orleans.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is crawfish season over or when does crawfish season end? In a normal year crawfish season ends in late June or early July.

What months are best for crawfish? The peak months for nice sized crawfish in great quantity are the end of March to mid April.

If I do not live in Louisiana, where can I order Live Crawfish? You can order live crawfish from and have live crawfish shipped to anywhere in the continental United States.

New Orleans Crawfish Season is the best time of year to visit. Even if you missed Mardi Gras this year, there are still some great festivals going on in April and May.

Use the New Orleans Crawfish Map to find the best deal on crawdads in 2017 and enjoy the New Orleans Crawfish Season.

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  1. Charles R
    I had a boil this weekend and the crawfish were nice sized.

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