New Orleans Crawfish Map

New Orleans Crawfish Map

Mardi Gras is now over and Lent is upon us in southeast Louisiana. Today is the first friday of Lent. If you are Catholic don't forget to stay meat free. This year, Lent ends on April 13th 2017. The beginning of lent means that many people will observe fish Fridays in accordance with the holy period. It's the busiest time of year for crawfish farmers. Lenten season, means more crawfish are in demand. And for the 2017 crawfish season, there will be even more demand. We do not believe that it will have too much effect on the price, but the current crabbing ban until March 21st, will create more demand for crawfish. We have put together a New Orleans crawfish map. Now you can find the best price for Live crawfish and the best price for boiled crawfish in New Orleans.

Currently this map lists all of the places that we could find that have live or boiled crawfish for sale. Use this map to call around for now. Coming Soon. We will soon use this data to supply a crawfish app. The Crawfish Price Index will track the average price for a pound of live crawfish and boiled crawfish in the New Orleans area.

New Orleans Crawfish Map

Map of Boiled crawfish in New Orleans and Live crawfish in New Orleans

Crawfish Facts

  • The annual yield of crawfish produced in Louisiana is averages about 140 million pounds per crawfish season.
  • Most crawfish in Louisiana are harvested between the months of December to June each year.
  • March, April and May are the peak months for crawfish when Louisiana supplies are greatest and the quality is at it's best. (Although rarely, crawfish may sometimes still be harvested in late July or even early August during a good year.)
  • Crawfish are an excellent source of protein.
  • One pound of crawfish tails contains only about 325 calories.
  • Crawfish are a great source of calcium, phosphorous, iron, protein, and the B Vitamins.
  • The oddest lagniappe items that are added to crawfish boils are Sweet Potatoes and Artichokes, but they taste great.

Crawfish prices New Orleans 2017

Although sells crawfish all over the country, we are also here to help the locals find the best deals in the New Orleans area. We are happy to supply this New Orleans Crawfish Map of boiled crawfish prices in New Orleans, and live crawfish prices in New Orleans. Hopefully this map can help you to find the cheapest crawfish in new orleans. If not, we do offer live crawfish delivery to your door.

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  1. John Murphy
    Thanks this is truly useful. I called a few places from this map and found a great deal at Bobby's Seafood.
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  3. Fishing tails
    Hello there will 2018 crawfish season prices be comparable to 2017?

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