Live Crawfish for the Superbowl

Do you need live Crawfish for the Superbowl?

Live Crawfish for the Superbowl

Live Crawfish for the Superbowl

Here in South Louisiana, we've had a colder than normal winter. The live crawfish, have suffered just as much as the people. Although the low temperatures have slowed down the season, we did manage to find some crawfish for your tables.

At we believe in quality products, and want to warn anyone ordering live crawfish this early in the season, that the mudbugs currently are small to medium field run. We normally do not offer crawdads this early in the season, but we didn't want to disappoint those of you that were planning on having crawfish boils at Super Bowl parties or for Mardi Gras 2018.

Order your Field Run Crawfish today, but please be aware that they are small and pricey due to the weather conditions this year.

If you are patient enough to wait a few weeks (and miss out on live Crawfish for the Superbowl), the quality and price should improve. But for those that have to have live crawfish now, We hope that you enjoy your feast.

Live Crawfish Shipped

Live Crawfish ShippedLive Crawfish

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