Live Crawfish Prices December 2016

Live Crawfish Prices in 2016

It's still too soon to tell if the 2017 crawfish season will be a good one. Live Crawfish have been available for sale since late November. But the Live Crawfish Prices are currently pretty high.

For several weeks, New Orleans seafood markets and restaurants have been serving crawfish to hungry customers and they said if you're ready for mudbugs, they are available. But be prepared to pay a premium.

People don't generally think about crawfish at this time of year. They think about crawfish season beginning around Lent and Mardi Gras, but you can get crawfish right after Thanksgiving. But Live Crawfish Prices are pretty steep, this early in the season.

The start of crawfish season can sometimes bring a size and price that's not appetizing for everyone. And December 2016 is no exception. The mudbugs are currently slightly undersized, but have some nice fat and a great taste.

Whether they are basin crawfish, spillway crawfish, farm raised crawfish, or pond crawfish. The size of the Live Crawfish should improve after New Year's Day. The crawfish that we have seen in December 2016 are actually really great, for being the first crops coming out in the first few weeks of the 2017 crawfish season.

For someone pining for a taste of home at the holidays, these prices may be acceptable. You can get them locally in Louisiana, or order crawfish online. If you live outside of Louisiana, maybe it makes a difference to have crawfish delivered direct, by someone still anchored to home. The flavors, and all the memories of home. That can make a pretty powerful Christmas gift. Live Crawfish Prices in December 2016 have been between $4 per pound locally, and up to $15 per pound ordered online and delivered to your door. Is it worth it to go the extra mile this early in the season to make it happen?

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  1. Harry Gibbs
    I need a live crawfish delivery in California, when will you have them in stock?
  2. Jane
    Waiting on ya'll to get some in stock. Can't wait.
  3. Henry Wilson
    It's still a bit early in the crawfish season, but the prices are coming down.

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