Crawfish Season Dates – Crawfish Season 2017

Crawfish Season Dates

When is Crawfish season? When does Crawfish season end? That all depends on where you are located. Crawfish Season dates vary from year to year. Are you looking for Louisiana Crawfish season 2017, Crawfish Season dates for Crawfish season in Texas, or Crawfish season California?

2017 Crawfish Season - Live Crawfish Shipped to your door

The 2017 Crawfish Season has already begun. Live Crawfish season begins with higher prices. Though most people associate crawfish season with the spring and summer months, local sellers say crawfish are available if customers are willing to pay higher prices.  Sales have been slower for this early part of the season than in years past. You can expect medium size crawfish at this time of year.

Compared to last year the mudbugs are smaller, but that was expected since the 2015 supply were huge due to warm weather. Local Louisiana crawfish season prices currently range from $4.79 to $4.99 per pound for boiled crawfish.

Crawfish Supply

The supply will struggle to keep up with demand this early in the year. Crawfish Season Dates generally show that towards the end of February the supply will catch up with the demand.

  • When is crawfish season in texas?
  • December to June.
  • When is crawfish season 2017?
  • November to July.
  • When is crawfish season in Louisiana?
  • November to early July.
  • When is crawfish season in California?
  • February to June.

Fresh Crawfish season ends in late June in a normal year. In 2017 this may hold true, or because of the flooding in 2016, we may enjoy mudbugs for a bit longer this year. There is no definitive date for the beginning or end. But you can always order Crawfish tails online for now.

Future of Louisiana Crawfish

Louisiana's Crawfish industry could be in trouble if the federal government takes the advice of a nonprofit organization to regulate the red swamp crawfish. The Center of Invasive Species Prevention recently petitioned the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to add the Louisiana crawfish, to the injurious wildlife list. The Fish & Wildlife Service could impose punishment on those who buy, sell or trade red swamp crawfish if the species is added to the list. This petition won't have a negative impact on the Louisiana crawfish industry. But if the proposed changes are adopted, the sale and export of crawfish outside of the state could be limited or prohibited. This could be the last Crawfish Season to enjoy Louisiana Crawfish outside of the state.

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