2017 Crawfish Prices – How much are Crawfish?

2017 Crawfish Prices

Have you been paying attention to 2017 Crawfish Prices? Have you been holding out until the prices drop for boiled crawfish or live crawfish? What's the cost of crawfish this year?

The average price for boiled crawfish in New Orleans drops 5 cents this week. But that still puts the going price for boiled crawfish at over $5 per pound. If you search around the city, you can still find a few deals (if they have any left) for a little over $3.50 per pound.

price of crawfish in 2017

price of crawfish in 2017

This week, the average price for boiled crawfish around New Orleans fell slightly, to $5.01 per pound. That's a 5-cent decrease from last week, but still a bit steep for most crawfish connoisseurs.

How does the price of crawfish in 2017 compare to previous years?

Plentiful crawfish bring lowest early season prices in years. In 2016, the average price at the start of February was $5.46. And in 2015 the average price of boiled crawfish was $5.74 per pound.

That's a great sign that 2017 crawfish prices will be lower this year than in the recent past. Another great thing about the 2017 crawfish season, is that Lent falls later in the year, so a late Lent likely means lower crawfish prices in 2017.

With the Super Bowl this weekend and Mardi Gras season rapidly approaching, the crawfish supply is strong early in the season and its price has largely followed suit, according to local vendors.

So far we have seen a stronger than average supply over the first few weeks of the 2017 crawfish season.

The weather has more than a little to do with the lower prices this season. South Louisiana has had a few cold fronts, but these haven’t been sustained cold fronts. This has allowed the water to maintain a warm enough temperature for crawfish to thrive.

Supply and demand ultimately determines the cost of the crawfish, and while supply fluctuates with seasonal conditions, the demand has steadily been growing over the past few years.

The supply is strong, but the demand will grow over the next few weeks. The weather can also create a longer crawfish season, which could extend later as far as July, if the conditions are right.

2017 Crawfish Prices expected to be better than last year's

Normally crawfish farms don't start catching much until March, but this year they're catching plenty in January. Normally in January, they only catch about 20 to 30 sacks per day per farm. This year the average farm is already catching about 80 sacks per day. Crawfish season usually gets going in March and peaks in May and June, sometimes lasting as late as August. This year though, crawfish are also much bigger than previous years.

With temperatures currently at over 70 degrees, the 2017 Crawfish Prices look great. With supply and demand, the higher the supply, the sooner the price can drop a little more for consumers. And it looks like the prices will continue to drop this season. If you live outside of Lousiana order live crawfish here. For local crawfish delivery, give us a call at (504) 717-2011.

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  1. Donna Harold
    Still waiting for better crawfish prices. Thanks for the info.
  2. Valerie
    I am visiting New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Hopefully the prices will still be good when I get there.
  3. Bryce Williams
    Crawfish prices dropped 5 cents? Let me know when they are under $2 a pound again.
  4. Randy Landon
    Looking forward to lower prices.
  5. Cathy Rouse
    I found some last weekend that were $3.49 a pound boiled. They were decent sized, but needed more spice.
  6. Sam Bonner
    Do you know what the price of crawfish is in Slidell?
  7. Nick Graham
    I saw boiled crawfish in Harahan yesterday for $4.29 a pound.
  8. Justin Hughes
    Boiled 3.25/lbs Laurel/Hattiesburg Ms 2-10-17 down .25 cents from last week .... got 45/lbs @ $2.25 live for boil 2/10/17
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    Hi, awesome post. I really liked your post. I’m a massive fan of fishing. It is super cool. Thanks my friend!
  10. What is the price and how do I order them?

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