Turkey Fryer Fire Warning – Never deep-fry a Frozen Turkey

Deep Fried Frozen Turkey Warning

We recently shared one of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes with you - Cajun Deep Fried Turkey. We wanted to follow this article up with a warning for everyone that plans on frying a turkey this Thanksgiving. Never deep-fry a Frozen Turkey.

Turkey Fryer Safety tips!

  1. Don't overfill the pot with oil (be sure to submerge the turkey in oil as a test prior to starting the burner, then remove it to heat the oil)
  2. Keep the temperature of the peanut oil under 375 °F
  3. Thoroughly defrost your turkey (allow at least 24 hrs for every 10 lbs that the turkey weighs)
  4. Turn off the flame before putting the turkey inside ( lower the turkey into the oil slowly)
  5. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby when frying a turkey

Deep fried is one of the most delicious ways to serve your Thanksgiving Turkey. However every year people make the same mistake of trying to fry a frozen bird, causing fire damage to their homes and themselves.

Every year the number of Thanksgiving deep fryer accidents increases. Last year over $15 million in property destruction was reported, and over 1200 emergency service calls for Turkey Fryer Fires.

Why does a Frozen Turkey cause fire?

The difference in boiling points and densities. Water is a pretty dense liquid, and oil is significantly less dense. The result is that oil floats on water. Water also has a significantly lower boiling point than oil (100 degrees vs about 450 degrees).

When the turkey is lowered into the pot, this causes the frozen water in the bird to become trapped inside of the oil surrounding it. The expansion of the frozen food and water then forces the oil to expand and explode out of the top of the pot. Frozen water will instantly flash boil, expanding rapidly as bubbles of steam within the oil push the oil out of the way as it goes.

This bubbling and forcing the oil upwards creates an aerosol of boiling oil and air violently shooting up out of the pot and towards the other parts of the kitchen (and could cause the source [propane tank] to also explode).

Keep yourself and your friends safe this Thanksgiving by sharing this article. Never deep fry a Frozen Turkey! Please Share This on all of your Social Media accounts. You could be saving someone's life.

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