How to use your Outdoor Gas Burner Safely

How to use your outdoor gas burner

How to use a propane burner. Safety should always be your first priority when operating any outdoor gas burner. Never leave a gas burner unattended while in use, and never let children operate a burner unsupervised. Make sure that everyone (especially children) is aware of your cooking location. Playing ball or running near the open flame is not advised.

Assembling your Outdoor Gas Burner

First, consult your user manual for instructions on properly assembling your burner and connecting your hose to your propane tank. Once you've assembled your burner and followed the other instructions in your user manual, you'll be ready to use your Gas Crawfish Burner or outdoor cooking burner for other meals.

Scouting out the best area

Next, make sure that you have a flat surface for your cooking area. The flat surface provides the safest conditions for operating your burner, not to mention you wouldn't want your pot slipping off an uneven cooking surface! Keep the propane tank at least 2 feet away (more if possible) from the burner, but be sure to leave some slack in the hose. And be sure to keep the burner at least 3 feet away from walls, trees, or wooden fences.

How to light an Outdoor Gas Burner

How to light a propane burner. When lighting the burner, never place any part of your body - especially your face - directly over the heat source. Be smart, and you'll have a good time every time you use your burner.

When you're done

After your done using your burner, always make sure the flame is completely extinguished. And remember, that the burner will be hot after cooking! Leave it be for at least 20 minutes before trying to move it.

Storing your gas burner

We recommend storing your gas burner indoors, away from nature's harsh elements. If possible, keep the burner covered so it will remain in great shape for many years to come.

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