Plastic Crawfish Trays – The Right Tools for Your Next Boil

Plastic Crawfish Trays

So you are planning your first Crawfish Boil of the season. And you want to make sure that you have everything to make this event perfect. I am sure that you have thought of almost everything that you need. The Crawfish, pot, burner, veggies, and spices. How many pounds of crawfish per person. But what about the Crawfish Boil Supplies that can make your boil easier and more enjoyable, for you and your guests? Using Plastic Crawfish TraysPlastic Crawfish Tables with trash can, and a Stainless Steel Crawfish Paddle.

Plastic Crawfish Table


A cajun crawfish table should be at the top of your list when planning the perfect crawfish boil. These table tops make it easy to serve, organize, and clean up. With a garbage can in the center, your guests can easily discard their leftover shells. This Crawfish Table Top also features drink holders, and paper towel holders. If you have never eaten at a crawfish eating table, you don't know what your missing. And as the host of the party, make it easy on yourself after all that prepping and cooking.

Plastic Crawfish Trays

Plastic Crawfish Tray

Plastic Crawfish Tray

Why do restaurants use plastic serving trays? Because they are convenient, easy to clean, and can keep your tables clean. Forget laying out last week's newspaper on the table, and having juice drip all over your party pants. Crawfish platter trays give you an easy way to serve crawfish to your family and friends, and allow you to keep track of just how much crawfish each guest receives. Plastic Crawfish Trays are an easy way to serve mudbugs.

Stainless Steel Crawfish Spoon

Why use an old wooden crawfish paddle? They deteriorate over time, are hard to clean, retain dirt, and sometimes crack if used to drain the basket. A Stainless Steel Crawfish Spoon alleviates all of these problems, and makes boiling crawfish more enjoyable. Not to mention the ability to use the spoon to sample the juice or extras.

Good luck in throwing the best crawfish boil possible in 2017. Adding Plastic Crawfish Trays, a Plastic Crawfish Table, and a Stainless Steel Crawfish Paddle to your crawfish boil equipment will allow you to enjoy future crawfish boils more.

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  1. Reginald Herring
    Ordered 3 packs of crawfish trays, great quality, and made cleanup so easy.
  2. How do I order a Mardi Gras theme crawfish table with garbage can , the square one with square bins and not triangle shaped.

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