Choosing the Right Outdoor Crawfish Burner

Choosing an Outdoor Gas Crawfish Burner

Now that Crawfish Season is upon us in 2017. You are probably looking forward to your first crawfish boil of the season. Crawfish boils are a unique way to connect with friends, family, and colleagues in an open environment. When looking for the right equipment, you should ask yourself, which gas burner is right for you. Do you want your Crawfish Burner to be fast and efficient? Are you looking for a quiet gas burner? Or is size or price your only concern?

Our Crawfish Burner Reviews

Crawfish Burners are light and portable. Some are very efficient, and bring your water to a boil quickly. But some are louder than others. Let's take a look at some of the best crawfish burners on the market.

Bayou Classic SP50 - Our choice for the most affordable crawfish burner. Rated at up to 55,000 BTUs, but our review showed it getting about 45,000 BTU's. The SP50 has a 14 inch burner for up to a 60 quart pot. Heats 10 gallons of water to boiling in about 20 minutes. Moderate noise level.

Bayou Classic SP10 - Rated at 55,000 but our review clocked it at about 40,000 BTU's. Heats 10 gallons of water in about 25 minutes. This Crawfish Burner has 13-inch height that provides a low center of gravity for use with large stockpots up to 100 quarts. Quietest noise level.

Bayou Classic SP2 - The SP2 is a beast when it comes to speed and efficiency. Allowing you to bring your pot to a boil in half the time of a single jet burner. This double jet burner stove top is a large 18", supporting up to 162 quart stock pots. This Crawfish Burner boils 10 gallons of cold water in about 10 minutes. Noise level is much higher, but is for a shorter period of time. Rated at up to 210,000 BTUs.

Now that you know which Crawfish Burner is right for your future crawfish boils, let's find the right crawfish pot.


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  1. Dan Roberts
    Is it better to have the a burner that sits low to the ground or higher up?
    • Sid Parfait
      The lower the stand, the more stable that the burner will be. And the lower that the stand is, the more consistent the flame will be with contacting the pot.
  2. Tiny Hinton
    Thanks, I just ordered the stainless steel double jet burner.

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