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Crawfish season has begun. It's time to order live Crawfish once again. The Louisiana crawfish or crawdads as some people refer to them, are finally coming out of the mud. For the past few days we have been seeing a little more size in the LA Crawfish near me. The crawdads are getting bigger each and every day, due to the weather warming up a little.

Order Live Crawfish

Order Live Crawfish

Crawfish.com is a Crawfish company in Louisiana that supplies crawfish by mail. So there is no need to worry about searching for "Where to buy live crawfish near me" or "where can I buy live crawfish near me". If you are in the continental United States, you can order live crawfish because we have live crawfish for sale.

With the crazy weather that we have been experiencing in Louisiana this year, we can't say if the cold is going to return. Although the selection is slim, and the prices are still high, these may be the best that we will get for awhile. But after Mardi Gras, the crawfish in this area should be much larger, and the prices should drop.

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As long as we do not have another freeze in February, the Louisiana crawfish season should start to look much better. The mudbugs are not in the select range yet, but medium size field run can be had. So, if you are ready to Order Live Crawfish, this Louisiana  company can supply some live mudbugs.

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