Live Crawfish Season 2017 – Affects of Flooding in Louisiana

Live Crawfish Season 2017

No matter what you call them crawdads, crayfish, mudbugs or freshwater lobsters, they will always be crawfish to the people from Louisiana. When Is Crawfish Season? - What months are crawfish in season?

Crawfish Season Dates

Crawfish do not have specific dates like other seasons, such as crab or shrimp. These little critters are not legally regulated like other seafood. Generally crawfish season months are from January through June, but that all depends on the weather. Crawfish burrow in silt to lay eggs during the coldest months of the year. The females then come up when the water temperatures rise above 50℉. While fresh crawfish are available for only about half of the year, frozen crawfish are now available year round. And today we have the option of ordering live crawfish online.

The size of crawfish usually varies at the beginning of crawfish season. Generally larger crawfish are found around the beginning of March until the season ends sometime in June.

What Causes Crawfish Season?

Rain and temperature have the biggest effect on when Crawfish season begins. Crawfish need lots of rain and warmer temperatures to grow, and this usually happens in late February or early March. However, if the winter is exceptionally wet, and then warmer temperatures creep in early, you will see crawfish prices drop a little earlier.

How's the crawfish season looking?
How will recent floods in Louisiana affect the 2017 crawfish season?
How will flooding affect crawfish this year?

Why would flooding effect crawfish season this year?

Although crawfish spend a good part of their life in water, flooding at the wrong time could affect reproduction and survival. One of the keys to the 2017 crawfish season will be how fast producers are able to pump the recent floodwaters, off of their ponds.

The full impact of the recent widespread flooding on the upcoming season will depend on many factors. Crawfish generally spend the summer sealed in burrows along the levees of the ponds. Between late August and early December, the female crawfish lay their eggs, which are carried under their tails in the sealed burrows. The female normally does not leave the burrow until a good, heavy fall rain signals for her to do so.

But when ponds are flooded in August, as they were this year, the female has no choice but to leave the burrow. The ponds need to be drained quickly to allow the female crawfish to burrow again. Surviving crawfish will try to return to burrows or dig new burrows. Female crawfish can survive being flushed from the ground by flooding and still go on to spawn in the fall if they can get back into a burrow.

Whether that happens in 2017 will depend on how fast the farmers are able to remove standing water and predatory fish. Egg laying begins in late August, peaks in late September or early October and continues all the way until November or even early December.

2016 crawfish season - was a great year for crawdads

When is crawfish season 2016? Over and done. We are now hoping for a 2017 season that is just as good.

crawfish season dates 2016 - The 2016 season was a great one, better than most. Warm weather in December of 2015 produced an early crop of crawfish. The weather in the later part of December in South Louisiana featured weather in the low 80s which further encouraged crawfish growth and numbers.

In August of 2016 historic rates of rainfall spread across all of South Louisiana, from Baton Rouge to Lafayette and beyond. The impact of these floods on the 2017 crawfish season remains to be seen. The bottom line is that neither the farmers nor the consumers should give up on the upcoming 2017 Crawfish Season just yet. We are optimistic about the 2017 Crawfish boil season.

Order Live Crawfish

Order Live Crawfish

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