How to Eat Crawfish like a Cajun

How to Eat Crawfish

It's Crawfish Season once again, and the prices are dropping, as they normally do at this time of year. This guide will not only assist you in learning how to eat crawfish, but how to do it as fast as the local LA Crawfish connoisseurs.

How to Eat Crawfish - How to Peel Crawfish

We are serious about Crawfish. If you are visiting a crawfish boil in the near future, you definitely need to know How to Peel Crawfish. We have written an easy to follow how to guide on the aspect of peeling like a pro. Don't worry if you are a novice, we'll show you how to eat crawfish with the best of them.

How to Eat Crawfish - Suck The Head Pinch the Tail

If you have been to a crawfish boil, I am sure that you have seen people Suck The Head Pinch the Tail. The crawfish head retains a lot of the spicy juices from the crawfish boil. You truly do not know how to eat crawfish if you waste the best part. The tail meat does retain a little flavor, but not nearly as much as the head. Try it at your next seafood boil, and you'll be hooked. But don't just grab the head and start to suck, there is a technique that you need to follow.

Once you have learned about eating crawfish, you may also be interested in having your own Seafood Boil - Crawfish Boil. Learn all you need to know about Boiling Crawfish.

As good as crawfish are, there shouldn't be any leftovers. Unless the host really messed up the seasoning, or just boiled too much crawfish. But just in case you need some ideas on what to do with leftover crawfish? Try our Crawfish Etouffee Recipe.

If you have visited each of the How to pages above, you now know How to Eat Crawfish. If you still have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

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