Choosing the right Crawfish Boil Supplies

Crawfish Boil Supplies

It is crawfish season once again, and you are probably planning on having your own crawfish boil. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you have some choices to make. There are many different crawfish boil supplies hitting the market each year. When choosing your crawfish boil equipment, you should always think about the benefit that each will have to you and your guests. Don't just buy a crawfish boil kit, or crawfish boil accessories because they are the new "In" thing. Take into consideration, functionality, and the time that it will save you.

Crawfish Supplies

Cajun Party Supplies

Here at we sell a lot of plastic crawfish platters, better known as crawfish trays. We do offer metal crawfish trays also, but the plastic ones seem to sell better. This probably comes down to price. But in my opinion, a metal crawfish tray will last much longer, looks much nicer, and is easier to clean. The price difference between the plastic crawfish boil platters and the metal is not that significant. This is an easy choice, metal crawfish trays are a much better investment when choosing crawfish serving platters.

Crawfish boil tables are also another of the crawfish boil party supplies that people are starting to use. These Crawfish tables make cleanup a breeze. But should you buy a plastic crawfish table or build your own? A plastic table is light weight, and easy to setup. Most home made crawfish tables are heavier and are generally stationary, and not meant to be moved much. I believe that this choice comes down to location. Having a crawfish table or a few, definitely saves time and is convenient. If you are going to use the crawfish table at the same location, and it does not need to be moved much, I would build my own. I've recently discovered a new product called the crawfish caddy. It's a tablecloth that supposedly fits most tables, and allows your guests to slide the crawfish shells into pockets for disposal. This is a good concept, but I am not confident that guests would use it much, and the shells would just pile up on the table.

Cajun Cooking Supplies

Crawfish Cooking Equipment

There are many different brands and styles of crawfish equipment for sale all over the internet, but which one is right for you? You can purchase a crawfish boiler kit, which should include most of the equipment that you will need to boil crawfish. But I prefer to select each item based on my own needs.

When choosing your crawfish boiling equipment, be sure to know which size crawfish pot to use. And which crawfish burner will work best with your pot. What size crawfish pot do I need? A pot can cook half its quartage in pounds of crawfish. Most sacks of crawfish are between 30 and 40 pounds. So I prefer to go with an 80 to 100 quart crawfish pot. Our 82 quart stainless steel stock pot gives a little extra room, or you can find the 82 quart pot in the bayou classic crawfish cooker kit. The stainless steel double jet burner will have this big pot boiling in no time.

When choosing crawfish accessories, be sure to buy based on need, not on popularity. Be sure to check back with us for more crawfish boil party ideas. We are here to provide all of your crawfish boil supplies.

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  1. Jack Robichaux
    Stainless steel is definitely the way to go with a double jet burner and pot. Easy to clean and lasts a long time.
  2. Sean Williams
    I use an 82 quart pot and it is the perfect size for one sack of crawfish.
  3. Frank Andrews
    I will be boiling crawfish for the first time with my father this weekend. Thanks for the information.

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