60 quart crawfish pot not offered on Crawfish.com?

Does Crawfish.com sell a 60 Quart Crawfish Pot?

A visitor to Crawfish.com recently sent in a question that was about crawfish pots. The question was "Why does Crawfish.com not offer a 60 quart crawfish pot?". The answer is simple, but may need a little explanation. A crawfish boiling pot can hold 2 quarts of water per pound of crawfish. So a 60 quart crawfish pot can only handle a 30 pound sack of crawfish.

60 Quart Crawfish Pot Limitations

But, are crawfish the only thing that you will be boiling? Are you planning on serving potatoes, corn, sausage, garlic, lemons, onions, mushrooms, brussel sprouts or any other extras with the crawfish? A 60 quart crawfish pot can't handle all the extras at the same time as the 30 pound sack of crawfish (and what if the sack of crawfish is 35-40 pounds?).

Bigger than a 60 Quart Crawfish Pot

To properly boil crawfish, you generally boil for less than five minutes, but soak for about 30 minutes. When you factor in the boil time (even if you have a double jet burner), you need to add at least another 10 minutes for each batch. That is at least 40 minutes for each batch, with soak time and time to boil. Do you really want to be boiling crawfish all day to save about $30? That is a one time $30 cost, on a crawfish pot and burner that you will use for years to come. Even if you were to use a dual jet burner, you would be heating the water to a boil faster. But you would still have the same capacity in pot size. A 60 quart crawfish pot just isn't big enough.

The Right Crawfish Cooking Pots

We recommend an 80 quart crawfish pot or at least buy a 70 quart crawfish pot. And that is why Crawfish.com does not sell a 60 quart crawfish pot. Visit our page for more information on Choosing the right size crawfish pot. Let us supply you with the best crawfish boil pot and burner.

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    This makes sense. I want a large crawfish pot.

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